English league

New Premier League Season

I’m not much into predicting final league positions.  On the other hand, looking at finishing positions in terms of pairs of clubs can be interesting.  After the first weekend, here’s what I think:

  • 1st/2nd:  Arsenal, Chelsea
  • 3rd/4th:  Man Utd, Man City
  • 5th/6th:  Tottenham, Liverpool
  • 7th/8th:  Wigan, Sunderland
  • 9th/10th:  West Ham, Fulham
  • 11th/12th:  Aston Villa, Blackburn
  • 13th/14th:  Everton, Stoke
  • 15th/16th:  Birmingham, Hull
  • 17th/18th:   Bolton, Wolves
  • 19th/20th:  Portsmouth, Burnley

I may revise this every couple of weeks, or month.


One thought on “New Premier League Season

  1. More than halfway through the season, and some minor changes:

    • 1st/2nd: Arsenal, Chelsea
    • 3rd/4th: Man Utd, Man City
    • 5th/6th: Tottenham, Liverpool
    • 7th/8th: Birmingham, Everton
    • 9th/10th: Aston Villa, Fulham
    • 11th/12th: Stoke, Sunderland
    • 13th/14th: Blackburn, Wigan
    • 15th/16th: West Ham, Hull
    • 17th/18th: Bolton, Wolves
    • 19th/20th: Burnley, Portsmouth

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