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Manager-Go-Round: A Complete Circle

The last time, the circle was not completed.  This time, it has been.

So we have:

  • Paulo Sousa a successor to Roberto Martinez at Swansea City.
  • Roberto Martinez a successor to Steve Bruce at Wigan Athletic.
  • Steve Bruce a successor to Roy Keane at Sunderland.
  • Roy Keane a successor to Jim Magilton at Ipswich Town.
  • Jim Magilton a successor to Paulo Sousa at QPR.

Interesting pairings too:

  • Paulo Sousa (Portuguese) and Roberto Martinez (Spanish) are both from the Iberian peninsula.
  • Steve Bruce and Roy Keane were team-mates at Manchester United.
  • Roy Keane (Republic of Ireland) and Jim Magilton (Northern Ireland) are both Irish.

4 thoughts on “Manager-Go-Round: A Complete Circle

  1. here’s some more interesting connections between the managers mentioned:

    steve bruce and jim magilton were both crap footballers

    paulo sousa and roy keane both have two eyes

  2. Another half-baked round of managerial musical chairs:

    • Owen Coyle moves from Burnley to Bolton Wanderers
    • Brian Laws, previously of Sheffield Wednesday, takes over at Burnley
    • Alan Irvine, sacked by Preston North End, takes over at Sheffield Wednesday.
    • Darren Ferguson, previously with Peterborough United, appointed manager by Preston North End.

    In a different chronological order of course.

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