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Half-Baked Two-Tier Premier League

Any plan for a two-tier Premier League would be half-baked.

If the idea is to have an intermediate league between the Premier League and the Football League to close the growing divide between the two, the two-tiers of the Premier League appears to be nothing more than a re-negotiation of TV money.  This could be achieved by discussions between the Premier League and the Football League, without pushing the Football League further down the hierarchy.

If the aim is to include Celtic and Rangers, then a British League would make more sense.

The reluctance to consider a British League stems at least partly from the fear that FIFA would use a British League as an excuse to force the four home nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to participate in FIFA tournaments as a single United Kingdom or Great Britain team rather than separately as they have done so historically, and continue to do so currently.

The other concern may be that sides from Wales and Northern Ireland may not be good enough.  This fear can be addressed by the manner in which a British League is structured.

That UEFA “has consistently said that teams will not be allowed to play in leagues outside their own country” no longer appears to be a major obstacle.


3 thoughts on “Half-Baked Two-Tier Premier League

  1. A two tier premiership?
    What about a premiership 4 conference system of 8 teams? Even more half-baked? Think again!!
    With 3 cross conference games home and away and the 2nd half of the season on a Euro style knockout it would give most teams at least 32 games plus the knockout games would give at least 2 more and because the conferences are smaller any winning streak has greater impact upon seeding in the knockout stages. A Premiership Cup for those teams knocked out in the 1st round would guarantee 36 games for the weakest side. Obviously more for stronger sides.
    More high drama derby games more TV money and eventually the gap between the rich 4/5 at the top and the rest would narrow.
    Detailed plans available from studying this issue for the last 3 years.

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