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Referees, Again

The criticism of referees by managers appears to be entering a new phase:

Coleman is not the first manager to complain about the relationship some referees have with players from big clubs.

West Brom boss Tony Mowbray spoke out after his side’s Premier League defeat by Manchester United on 29 January.

And, after seeing Stoke beaten by Sunderland on 7 February, Potters manager Tony Pulis claimed some referees punish smaller clubs more harshly.

Apart from referees being better qualified, trained and paid, having better facilities (including video replays) available at their disposal, being penalised for repeatedly making seriously wrong decisions, and maintaining impartiality both in fact and in appearance, you also need a far bigger pool of referees, to prevent referees becoming too familiar with certain teams and players.


2 thoughts on “Referees, Again

  1. In support of the last point:

    Poll believes new referees boss Mike Riley must add to the 16 officials currently operating in the top flight.

    “There aren’t enough referees,” Poll told BBC One. “Refereeing a team seven or eight times a season is not healthy.

    “The first thing Mike Riley needs to do is look lower down the national list and promote more people up to be a Premier League referee.”

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