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Amazing – Why Ian Storey-Moore Joined Manchester United Instead Of Derby County

Interesting account of why Ian Storey-Moore signed for Manchester United instead of Derby County in 1972.

At 2 mins 49 secs, Ian Storey-Moore is interviewed with Brian Clough:

  • Q:  How do you feel about it Ian?
  • A:  Fabulous, I’ve joined a great club, yeah.
  • Q:  Why do you think it’s being suggested that you now … to Manchester United.
  • A:  I don’t know anything about it.  All I know is I’ve joined a great club.

At 3 mins, 28 secs, Mrs Storey-Moore takes responsibility.

From 2 mins 23 secs, to 3 mins 26 secs, Brian Clough at his robust best.

Clough maintained throughout that Storey-Moore had signed for Derby County.  Storey-Moore was present in the first segment, and appears to concur that a contract had been signed.

So what happened to that contract?

Storey-Moore missed out on Derby’s title success that season.  Instead, he retired from playing at Manchester United due to injury in 1974, the season United were relegated.

Such is life.


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