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The Gap Between The Premier League And The Championship

According to Paul Fletcher, the contrast between the two Championship sides in the League Cup semi-finals is:

Burnley are reaping the rewards of a clear strategy and a bold managerial appointment that is paying handsome dividends.

Derby, managerless and alarmingly mediocre this season, have yet to recover from their disastrous one-season stay in the Premier League.

Derby could have been described the same way as Burnley two seasons ago, as they pushed for promotion from the Championship.

It only goes to show how quickly a lean, progressive, Championship side promoted to the Premier League can become a bloated, directionless, Championship side relegated from the Premier League, suffering from indigestion after feeding on the fat of the Premier League for just one season.

I earlier looked at finances in the Championship, and subsequently contrasted this with the situation in the Premier League.

How much longer can the Premier League bubble last?

According to Arsène Wenger:

“People still think we are in a bubble, but we will be hit like anybody else, I am ­convinced of that.”

In the same Guardian article, Wenger is quoted as saying:

“I believe that the way we managed the club we put it, in this crisis, in a very strong position, because we do not live on the edge. But we live in a naturally healthy situation – we do not depend on one person, we do not depend on the banks because we make our profit.”

My view remains that the longer term, sustainable solution is more tiers in the European pyramid, so that clubs can realistically move up and down the pyramid according to their abilities without destroying themselves.


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