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Players’ Fixed Term Contracts

In a sense, Blatter is right – players, like any employee, should not be forced to work for an employer against his will. However, when an employee is on a fixed term contract (as most top players are), the question is how much the employer should be compensated for releasing the employee from his contract before the expiry of the fixed term (the transfer fee in football).

There has been much discussion of the transfer fee, which Real Madrid should have to pay if Manchester United allow Ronaldo to leave now. That’s fair enough.

Sepp Blatter is now trying to help Real Madrid sign Ronaldo on the cheap, which he has no business doing.

Contracts are negotiated to benefit both the player and the club. The club has some degree of certainty that the player will continue to provide his services to the club for the period of his fixed term contract. The player is guaranteed his lucrative salary for the remainder of his fixed term contract.

You won’t find Blatter arguing that a club should be allowed to terminate the contract of an underperforming player, now will you.

Here is a simple judgment from from Singapore on an employee’s contractual promise to serve a fixed-term.

It once again calls into question Blatter’s fitness to run world football.


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