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Clubs Formed To Occupy Vacant Stadia

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… and let us not forget that Liverpool F.C. itself was a breakaway club from Everton F.C. way back when !

Not really a breakaway club – more a club formed by the leaseholder/owner of Anfield after Everton refused to pay an increased rent, and moved to Goodison.

Something that Chelsea share with Liverpool – a club formed to occupy an otherwise vacant stadium.

Any other clubs formed primarily to occupy an otherwise vacant stadium?

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Thames Association – 120,000 capacity stadium


Thames Association (later Thames AFC) “were founded in 1928, in a similar manner to New Brighton Tower and Chelsea, to play on a ground without a team. In Thames’ case, they were formed by a group of businessmen who had built the West Ham Stadium, with a capacity of 120,000, in the Custom House area of Essex (now Greater London); the stadium was primarily used for greyhound and speedway racing which took place during the week, leaving Saturdays free. The directors of the stadium decided to form a professional football club to play on Saturdays, to bring in additional revenue to the stadium”.

Another one would appear to be New Brighton Tower.

“Like Liverpool, Chelsea and Thames, New Brighton Tower were formed to play at an already-built stadium, with a massive capacity of 80,000.”

Good pub quiz question? – “What do the football clubs Liverpool and Chelsea, and the former football league clubs Thames AFC and New Brighton Tower, have in common?”.

Coincidentally, New Brighton Tower and Thames AFC were Merseyside and London clubs respectively, as are Liverpool and Chelsea.

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    Crystal Palace?

    You mean the original Crystal Palace?

    “To the east of the Palace site is an area set aside for sport. There is a long history of football at the site. In 1861, the original team comprised of players that were groundkeepers for the Great Exhibition and nicknamed the “Glaziers,” due to the immense amount of glass once used in the Palace. The team was one of the eleven founding members of the Football Association and reached the semi-final stage of the first FA Cup competition. From 1895 to 1914, the FA Cup finals were held at the Crystal Palace as well as being a venue for the England national team. The first football club was succeeded by a second team of the same name in 1905. From 1905 to 1915, the football stadium was the home to the Crystal Palace Football Club until they were relocated due to the Admiralty requisitioning the Crystal Palace; they eventually settled at nearby Selhurst Park, in 1924.”

    I’m not sure that the club was created to occupy a vacant stadium though. It sounds like the groundkeepers at Crystal Palace wanted a football team.

    Likewise, the current Crystal Palace “was formed on 10 September 1905 by workers at the Crystal Palace, and played its home games on the cup final ground at the The Crystal Palace”.

    Many football clubs were formed as work teams. The difference here is that these were workers at The Crystal Palace.

    (First posted on Tony Kempster’s Non-League Forum)

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