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League Attendances

I’ve updated the year on year average home attendances for clubs that have played in the Premier League since 1992.

For the first time, Aston Villa have topped 40,000.

I should add an average home attendance column here, so that it can be seen more clearly how the average home attendance fluctuates with league performance.

Hull City’s highest average attendance during this period is more than 5 times their lowest average attendance.

Unlike elsewhere on this blog, I treat both Milton Keynes Dons and AFC Wimbledon as a continuation of Wimbledon.

Home attendances generally go up when a club is promoted to a higher tier.

The fact that, despite both AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester enjoying success and several promotions since they were each formed, the average home attendances of both clubs have generally declined, runs counter to this.

Some of the initial publicity or novelty wears off, more so for FCUM than AFC Wimbledon.

Continuing from here, in non-league football, recently re-constituted clubs have by far the highest average home attendances in their division.

I suppose the publicity surrounding the demise of the former club brings out a number of people in the community in support of the new club.

(Merger of two posts on Tony Kempster’s Non-League Forum – 1st & 2nd)


One thought on “League Attendances

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    It would be interesting to see how the Farnborough & Telford attendances compare with the last couple of years of the old clubs.

    I don’t know about Telford but Farnborough’s average attendance for the past season is higher than the previous two years in the Conference South and they came third in one of those seasons.

    I was expecting them to get around 3-400 if they were doing well in the SLSW but they’ve done better than that. However, I don’t think their attendances will improve by a huge amount next season nor beyond. I may be wrong again though.


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    I think its more to do with the big fish/small pond syndrome. People will always want to watch a team that wins week in week out as shown by the attendances at Aldershot and AFC Wimbledon in the lower divisions

    The Farnborough example is telling. It supports my view that it has more to do with the publicity surrounding the demise of the former club brings out a number of people in the community in support of the new club.

    (First posted on Tony Kempster’s Non-League Forum)

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