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Burton is one of the cities or towns for which there has existed the most number of clubs or incarnations of clubs bearing its name in the Football League. When Burton Swifts merged with Burton Wanderers, they formed Burton United. All three clubs or incarnations played in the Football League.

If Burton Albion win promotion from the Conference to the Football League, it will make it four. No other town or city would have had as many clubs or incarnations of clubs in the Football League.

They reached the play-offs this time round, and might well be challenging against next season. I suppose Nigel Clough could well be the manager to achieve promotion for the club. Some of his father’s managerial acumen must have rubbed off on him.

(Article first posted on Tony Kempster’s Non-League Forum)


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    Actually, the three Accrington teams equal this record.


    Rotherham ?

    Rotherham Town were FL members 1893-96.
    Rotherham County were FL members 1919-25.
    The two merged in 1925, thus forming Rotherham United.

    In looking at the potential of Burton having four clubs/incarnations, I overlooked the three each for Accrington and Rotherham. My apologies. I’ve corrected the post now.

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    Whilst the current version of Stanley is taken to be a continuation of the previous one, it really is a separate legal entity and neither Stanley club bears any relationship to the Football League’s founder members – Accrington F.C.

    As I have stated elsewhere, it is useful to look beyond the strictly legal construct. Football clubs and their relationships with the community which form their fan base are much more a sociological phenomenon than merely a legal construct.

    Elsewhere, I have treated the second Accrington Stanley as a continuation of the first, but it does not make it any less a separate “incarnation”.

    (First posted on Tony Kempster’s Non-League Forum)

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