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FA Cup Semis – First Time Since …

The draw for the FA Cup Semi-Finals leaves open the prospect of a repeat of the 1912 Final between Barnsley and WBA 96 years ago, Barnsley’s one and only FA Cup win.

The one time Portsmouth won the Cup was in 1939, 69 years ago, when they beat Wolves, another West Midlands side.

Cardiff’s only FA Cup win was in 1927, 81 years ago.

3 of the 4 FA Cup Semi-Finalists have each won the Cup only once, an average of 82 seasons ago.

The last of WBA’s 5 FA Cup wins was in 1968, 40 years ago.

Neither Barnsley nor Cardiff have reached the semi-finals since they won the Cup. Portsmouth has only reached the semi-finals once since they won the Cup in 1939 – in 1992, when they lost to Liverpool on penalties. WBA have reached the semi-finals 3 times since they won the cup in 1968 – in 1969, 1978, 1982 – losing on each occasion.

Now a question – since the start of the Football League in 1888 (and excluding 1945-46, when there was no official league in England), has there been any previous occasion when 3 or all of the FA Cup semi-finalists were from outside the top flight?

This data on my website might help. I haven’t yet worked it out for myself.

(This article was first posted on Tony Kempster’s Non-League Forum)


One thought on “FA Cup Semis – First Time Since …

  1. In reply to:

    I think the last time only one top-flight club was in the semi-finals was in 1907-08.Wolves (D2) beat Southampton (SL) and Newcastle (D1) beat Fulham (D2)


    Exactly 100 years ago – so are there omens?

    Semi’s were –

    Newcastle (4th in Div 1) 6, Fulham (4th in Div 2) 0

    (Portsmouth are currently 7th, WBA are 4th)

    Wolves (9th in Div 2) 2, Southampton (11th in Southern League) 0

    (Barnsley are the “Northern” team this time in 17th with Cardiff of the “South” in 12th)


    Wolves 3, Newcastle 1

    (so Barnsley to beat Portsmouth in the final !!!)

    also when Barnsley won the cup in 1912 they beat West Bromwich in the final (1-0 in a replay after a 0-0 draw)

    but no longer any replays


    More recent to 1908 but a different competition. The League Cup semi-finals of 1975 were contested by three second division sides (Aston Villa, Manchester United and Norwich City) and fourth division Chester City.


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