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Investors & Consortia

A report on a consortium looking at a £200millon takeover battle for Newcastle United.

Why do these foreign/wealthy investors/consortia want to spend silly money on Premier League clubs?

They’d get much better value with one of the Sheffield clubs, or Nottingham Forest or Leeds Utd – probably cost far less, and with nearly as much potential as Newcastle Utd over 3 to 5 years.

(Article first published on BBC 606)


5 thoughts on “Investors & Consortia

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    nearly as much potential as Newcastle Utd over 3 to 5 years.

    7 to 10, I reckon

    When Clough took over at Forest in 1975, would anyone have imagined that they would be two-time European Cup winners by 1980? I know English football has changed since the 1970s, but it hasn’t changed that much, and I assume that any such consortium would have money to spend. Instead of the money going into the pockets of the current owners of a Premier League side, they could spend it on the playing side of suitable Championship or League One side.

    (First posted on BBC 606)

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    Always thought that Forest are a good investment for some consortium or other.
    Good latent fan base…possible new stadium…tradition etc etc. Then again Leeds or the Sheffield clubs as mentioned are a good bet.
    What would be the reaction be if a billionaire offered to pour millions into Nottingham football, only IF there was one professional league team in the city… a Nottingham United if you like. Would be interesting.

    There is no way two well-established clubs could merge, especially if they are from the same city. Forest and County have their own separate identities and fan bases. Even though they have rarely been in the same division over the years, the intra-city rivalry is strong. County are the oldest league club, while Forest are two times European Cup winners, and bear the legacy of Clough.

    Mergers of clubs, when they have taken place, have been between far lesser clubs, more so in the late 19th century, but sporadically during the 20th century, for example, Maidenhead Utd and Dagenham & Redbridge.

    Do you remember when Robert Maxwell proposed merging Oxford Utd and Reading to form Thames Valley Royals? The fans of both clubs were up in arms, and the proposal fell through.

    Now Bristol City and Rovers …. that would be interesting 🙂 .

    Anyway, a sensible investor could do a lot for Forest with 100 million pounds, both to acquire the club and to spend on players, but there aren’t too many sensible investors around. Too many are just looking either to make a quick buck or to launder their billions.

    (First posted on BBC 606)

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