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Poor Leadership

With Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini at the helm of FIFA and UEFA respectively, how can anyone have confidence in the leadership of international football?

The policy of continental rotation has finally been abandoned by FIFA, only after the debacle of the selection of Brazil to host the 2014 World Cup.

And Platini’s ideas about the organization of European football, including the numbers of foreign players and how young players come through the ranks is based on an idealized but false notion of the history of football, and lacks any appreciation for the commercial reality of the modern professional game in Europe. I refer to the following articles:

(This article was first published on BBC 606)


7 thoughts on “Poor Leadership

  1. Its already a strain to have South Africa host it in 2010, which is fast approaching! Germany’s organisers are on-site to ensure at least the stadiums will be ready on time and the rest will work…

    And we all know, Platini only got in to do a lil favour for France. It would have been better to have well-served English or German players to take the helm.

    (First posted on BBC 606)

  2. FIFA needs to address the status of Fiji Football Association. The rating of FFA is going down day by day. Current rating is worst in the history of Fiji Football. 192 OUT OF 208. The last rating was 92.

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